Apr 29, 2011

Creeeeeepy butchers

Okay, so, I'll start from the beginning.
Everything started early this morning. Sabbie came into my room and said something like, "Eve, go get me some snacks!" lol not really, but she did say she was out of snacks and that I needed to go get them because she was "to busy with research"(she was probably just watching anime XD). The weathers been pretty bad the last few days, meaning Luke and I have been shut up inside, and I thought this would be a good time for us to go out and have some fun!~ So Luke and I headed over to main street and bought some snack, no problemo, but while we were walking on the street afterwords Luke got distracted by some chick handing out fliers, or something like that.

He was interested in what she was saying 'n stuff, so I figured I could just walk around until he was ready to go. So, I started walking around, and across the street I noticed this weird shop. It looked odd next to all of the other buildings, unlike the others the front door was wide open, and all the lights in the shop were off. I figured someone just forgot to close the door, so I went over to close it. I also saw as I got closer that the shop was a butchers, or, at least it looked like it was. On the top front of the building there were dark letters imprinted on the wall that said "(words too faded to see)'s Buthcers". It looked kinda like there had been big plastic letters there, but they had been taken off awhile ago.

^_^; But anyway, I got to the butchers and decided to poke my head in and see if there was anyone inside. I didn't see anyone, actually, I didn't see anything at all. Seriously, the place was pitch balck! But that just made me want to go inside more XD so I went in and started to look around. The place looked like it had been closed for awhile, the counters were dusty, there was a but of graffity(did I spell that right? >_<) on the wall too. Nothing out of the norm as far as I could see, the only kinda weird thing about the shop is the smell, it was obviously kinda musty, but I could spell something else near the back.

I think around now is when Luke came into the butchers. I know I probably shouldn't have gone in without telling Luke, but I felt really bad when I saw how worried he was about me ;A; But he said he was glad I was alright and I convinced him to look around the shop with me~  I noticed a paper sticking out of the counter near the window, so I went to look at that, while Lukins went towards the back. Turns out the paper was just a recept, but after that, I swear out of NO WHERE, this chick said "I'm sorry Luke, but you can't go in there yet".

I thought at first the butchers had some sort of creepy security system or something, but after my eyes ajusted to the dark a little better I could see some girl standing in the far corner. Apparently there was a door in the back that I hadn't see at first, and when Luke was about to open it that chick stopped him, at least that's what Luke said. Anyways, Luke asked why he couldn't go in and the girl said something like, "I can't tell you that." I think Luke was about as freaked out as I was because he joined me in inching towards the door .w.

I don't know why I did it, or what on earth compelled me to, but I asked the woman "who are you?" and she just said the same thing. Luke and I were both next to the door, so we just bolted out of there without thinking twice about it. And that was that, we went back to the hotel without anything else creepy happening.

The whole thing is just... creepy. I mean, it's creepy, but in a way that makes you interested in it. Like, I know I shouldn't go back, but I kinda want to. I doubt Luky would let me go though, he would be way to worried <3 Meh, who cares, I don't REALLY need to go back, right?

See you guys later :)

Apr 7, 2011

Yep. I'm a part of this too.

I got a call from my manager today. I've been fired. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. After all, I could hardly tell my work why I've been missing shifts, and that I'm now in the middle of fucking nowhere, Ireland with a psychotic teenage girl that fancies herself a scientist and a supposed ex-government agent. I bet that they would be real understanding of that. They might even give me a promotion.

At least Eve's here. Eve is probably the only reason that I haven't gone insane after all of this. Of course, if it wasn't for her I probably wouldn't be in this mess at all. But I can't really blame her. She just got caught up in something beyond her control, and as a result got me caught up in it. It could've happened to anyone. Too bad that in this situation, anyone was us.

Eve seems to be looking on the bright side of all this, and is excited about all the sightseeing that we've been able to do. I could take it or leave it. Really it's just a bunch of hills. I'm glad that Spender's footing this bill. I still don't trust the guy, but he has done a lot for us. And I am not going to run around shelling out tons of money just to look at hills. I'm out of work now, after all.

Of course, not having a job is probably the least of my worries right now. After some of the things I've seen I don't know if I could actually go back to work and act as if things are normal now. And even if I could, that requires getting out of this alive. The more things happen, the less likely that sounds. And yet Sabrina marches on as if we're not in deep shit even though we are.

Which brings me to why I'm writing. I've been reading your blog, Sabrina. You're making me sound like a fucking moron. If I just let you tell the story, I'm going to come off really badly. So I have a blog now. Well, me and Eve do. Because it's our lives too, and I don't trust you to tell it right.

Mar 21, 2011


Hey there, my name's Eve, (yes, like the chick robot from Wall-e). Nice to meet you. I've just now got a lot of time to read through Sabbie's blog. She writes lot's of stuff about me so I guess if you read her blog, then you already know a bit about me and what's we've been though so far.I figured it might be fun to give blogging a shot.

On a completely different note, Ireland is awesome! I've never been outside of the US before so being this far away is like a huge adventure for me. Me and Luke can pretty much go and see whatever we want during the day. It's so pretty here, I'm totally running out of room on my camera DX I'll have to buy another memory card at this point...

I wish Luke would lighten up. Clearly he's not thinking of this as a vacation, because he hardly gives himself a chance to relax. What's got him so worked up I wonder? Ahh well, tomorrow I'll take him somewhere where he'll have no choice but to have fun. Maybe we'll go to Loch Ness? That'd be so cool!

Wait, that's in Scotland, isn't it? ._.;